Protecting Your Pets in the UAE

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What is Where My Paws At?

Statistics show 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime and with an estimated 2 million pets here in the UAE alone, that means over 600,000 pets will get lost.

If you’ve ever lost your cat or dog, you will know how it feels when they go missing. You will know the feeling of helplessness, stress and panic. There’s been nothing in place ( until now ) to help you in your time of need, and that’s why WHERE MY PAWS AT is a necessity for every cat and dog parent!

Where My Paws At is the first pet safety app in the UAE designed by pet parents for pet parents. A community of like-minded people, that uses smart yet simple technology, readily available at your fingertips to help. A platform that not only helps reunite lost pets, but a community caring for pets and sharing important news and updates, making you an awesome pet parent.  

We help educate others whilst raising awareness around pet safety and animal welfare, with a mission – to help keep our fur kids ( and those without a parent ) safer! 

How to Protect Your Pet in the UAE

1.      Download Where My Paws At and register your details. Once you’ve created your personal profile, you’ll be sent an email to verify.

2.      Once you’ve verified your email, login and create your pet’s profile.

3.      Complete as many details as possible about your pet, including microchip number. If your pet is not microchipped ( although it is the law in the UAE ) you can still join our pet community.

4.      Have multiple fur kids? Create multiple pet profiles under one pet parent account.

5.      Every pet parent has access to our FREE 60-day trial which includes our additional safety features AND our pet partner discounts. Our app doesn’t just help you in your time of need, we save you money with our pet-related discounts and share regular updates and news on our home page.

6.      Help other pet parents in their time of need by sharing missing pet posters direct to your social media groups, WhatsApp chats and help reunite them.

7.      If you think you’ve spotted one of our missing fur kids, you can contact their pet parent directly through the app by sending them an instant notification or get in touch with us.

Missing Pets in the UAE

How to Report a Missing Pet

1.      You will need to create your pet’s profile. Don’t forget to include your pet’s microchip number if they are chipped.

2.      Go into your pet’s profile and hit the REPORT LOST button ( this feature is included in our free 60-day trial ).

3.      Fill in the requested information, making sure it’s correct ( it takes less than 3 minutes )!

4.    Once you’ve completed the required information, your MISSING PET POSTER will be automatically generated for you to share and save.

5.     Our instant automatic app alerts are sent out frequently to our community, starting with everyone within an immediate 5KM radius of where you’ve marked your pet as missing.

6.   Behind the scenes, we share your missing pet poster with our network of vets, individual rescuers and organisations, along with our social media followers and pages. We have a direct reach of over 8,000 people and growing every day.

7.   Your MISSING PET POSTER is also shared on our website and is visible to everyone using our app ( see MISSING PETS ) on our home screen.

What Happens When My Pet Has Been Found?

We have made it super easy for you to let people know that your fur kid is no longer missing. With one simple click of the FOUND button on your pet’s profile, an instant alert goes out to everyone using our app. We let our network of vets, rescuers and organisations know the good news, and your pet’s missing poster is taken off our website and updated on our social media platforms. 

What If I Don’t Find My Dog or Cat?

We hate to think that your fur kid is still missing and every day that passes, we still have hope they will be found. We will do all we can to help you and we will continue to keep helping for as long as your pet is marked lost on our app. Our app alerts are sent out to our community frequently and your pet’s poster will continue to be shared to our network of pet parents, rescuers and vets.

How Can I Protect My Pet?

We always recommend that your pet’s microchip is registered with the relevant municipality. If you’re not sure if this has been done, please check with your registered vet. If your pet is not microchipped, please make sure you take them to get chipped as soon as possible. The cost is inexpensive and is proof of ownership should they go missing or worse, stolen. Without a microchip, proving ownership is, well, very difficult.

The easiest way to identify your cat or dog should someone find them is with a PET ID TAG. You can get 20% off ours here by using code WMPA20 at check out. Please remember that the finder DOES NOT NEED OUR APP to reunite you with your fur kid.