How we help protect paws and keep your pets safer in the UAE !

Create multiple pet profiles, generate personalised missing pet posters, send instant lost pet alerts, receive missing and found pet notifications and be part of a microchip platform used by registered vets, rescuers and charities. Be a safer pet parent today!

Protect your paws with the first pet safety app in the UAE

Where My Paws At is proud to introduce the first and only pet safety app in the UAE.

With smart pet technology, our app is designed to revolutionise pet safety, care and provide peace of mind for pet owners in the UAE.

Don’t forget when you join our app community, you become part of our microchip database too.

Where My Paws At’s smart app

So what makes the Where My Paws At smart app the best pet safety app in the UAE?

Pet owners can create multiple pet profiles, send instant lost pet alerts, receive instant missing and found pet notifications and automatically creates personalised missing pet posters. 

Aside from being the first and only pet safety app in the UAE, we save you money on pet grooming, day care, pet food and accessories and so much more. It’s so simple but so smart!

Join our Where My Paw’s At family and be part of our pet-loving community.

Our pet safety features include

  • Create multiple pet profiles
  • Receive missing pet notifications
  • Send lost pet alerts to our community if your pet goes missing
  • Receive found pet alerts when your pet has been found
  • Generate personalised missing pet posters to share
  • Become part of our microchip database
  • Access to monthly pet discounts

Try our FREE 60 day trial before you subscribe and see how much you can save with our pet discounts! 

How our lost pet app works alongside our smart pet tags

Our smart pet tags are designed to work hand in hand with our simple but smart pet safety and help keep your pets safer.

Our pet tags use passive GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology to provide instant location alerts when your tag is scanned and you are contacted, so you can see your pet’s location. Don’t worry, anybody with a camera phone can scan our tags, they don’t need our app!

When scanned you will receive in-app and email notifications, and the best thing is, no subscription or batteries needed!

It’s smart, simple and super easy to set up!

Update your pet’s details or personal information in a few clicks!

Our smart pet tags store important pet information. No batteries or Wi-Fi needed. Update your personal details easily if you move house or change your mobile number, all through our app. It’s that easy!

How To Activate Your Pet ID Tag

  1. Download our WMPA app
  2. Create your account by registering your details
  3. Create your pet’s profile
  4. Scan QR Code on the back of the tag to link your pet profile
  5. Scan tag to show your pets details
  6. Your pet is now protected

Keep your pets safer in the UAE by purchasing one our smart pet tags today. 

Get 60 days free premium features when you buy your first tag!