1. What is Where My Paws At and how does it work?

Where My Paws At is an App to help you keep your pets safe in the UAE. If your pet goes missing, an instant alert notifies our community, registered vets, and charities through our app your pet is lost. By creating a pet profile, your pet will be part of our central database used by vets and charities to help identify a dog or cat that has been found. Our personalised missing pet flyers are automatically generated through our app, making it easy to share on your social media accounts and/or print out. We know having a fur family can be expensive but with our monthly discounts, we aim to make it more affordable. Our smart pet tags don’t require a battery or Wi-Fi and connects to our app. If your pet is wearing our smart pet tag, they are easily identified.

2. How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! All you need to do is head over to your App store on IOS or Android and download our app. Once you’ve downloaded our app, follow the steps to register for your free/premium membership. Create your pet profile and start protecting your paws. If you’ve purchased our smart pet tag, follow the instructions on the back to get started.


Every pet parent on our app has the option to redeem their 60 day free trial that gives you full access to all features on our app. See our table below for the full premium safety features

4. How much does it cost?

We have three membership plans to meet your protection needs. Our Standard membership is FREE to use. Our Premium Membership is a monthly rolling payment of 25 AED per month. Our Yearly Premium Membership is 250 AED per annum.

5. What’s the difference between a standard membership and a Premium Membership?

Our membership plans give you the flexibility to choose the level of protection you need. Our standard membership is free to all dog and cat parents. Please see the table below for features. Our premium membership is a paid monthly membership that gives you extra protection and features each month. Please see the table below. Our yearly premium membership is a one-off payment that gives you 12 months access. Please see the table below for features.

Standard MembershipPremium MembershipYEARLY Premium Membership
Multiple Pet ProfilesMultiple Pet ProfilesMultiple Pet Profiles
Lost NotificationsLost NotificationsLost Notifications
Visibility to discountsFound NotificationsFound Notifications
Missing Pet FlyerMissing Pet Flyer
WMPA central database for vets & charitiesWMPA central database for vets & charities
Monthly access to discountsMonthly access to discounts

6. How do I cancel my paid membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. A paying member may request cancellation in the first 30 days of a Paid Membership if the products and services have not been used. This applies to Premium AND/OR Yearly Premium Membership.

7. How do I order a Where My Paws At Pet Tag?

You can order one of our smart pet tags via our website

8. How does the Pet Tag work and do I need to download the App?

Our smart pet tags don’t require batteries or Wi-Fi to work. Each pet tag has a unique QR Code that links to your pet profile on our app, so YES you do need to download our app to register your tag. You automatically get 2 months free premium membership access when you purchase your first tag. However, you don’t need to have a paid membership for your tag to work. Follow the instructions on the back of our tag packaging to activate your tag. Once your tag is activated, the tag can be scanned by anyone using their camera. This means anyone who finds your pet can identify and contact you, even if they don’t have our app.

9. How does WMPA help if I lose my pet in the UAE?

If your pet goes missing, all our plans have a way of helping you. Our standard membership helps by acting as a central platform for registered vets and charities to access. They can search by microchip or DM number regardless of where your pet is registered. You will also receive lost notifications via our community alerts of pets that have gone missing in your area.

Both our Premium plans have extra safety features including lost notifications, lost alerts, found notifications, and missing pet flyers. You can send an instant lost alert through our app to our community, registered vets, and charities by pressing the lost bell icon on your pet’s profile. You will be prompted to create your personalised missing pet flyer which can be shared directly to social media platforms and can be used to be printed out.

10. How do you help if someone finds my pet in the UAE?

If your pet is found in the UAE and taken to a registered vet or charity, your pet’s microchip and/or DM number can be checked on our app. This makes identifying your pet easier and quicker as we’re connecting vets and charities through our app. They can contact you directly, saving valuable time.

If your lost pet notification has been seen by someone using our app and they find your pet, our alert system lets the person notify you immediately by calling you and/or sending you an alert through the app.

If your pet is wearing a WMPA smart pet tag, the person who finds your pet can scan their tag and contact you immediately.

We ask for the name of your registered vet when creating your pets’ profile. In the event you are unreachable, the person who finds your pet then have the option to take your pet to your registered vet until you have reached.

11. How do I redeem my discount vouchers?

You can access your discount vouchers on via our discount icon. This will show you the list of offers and our partners. If you are redeeming offers in-store, please make the assistant aware of your discount and present them with your voucher. They will then input their unique code to avail your discounts. If you are redeeming an offer through an online purchase, you will need to input your unique code upon online check-out.

12. How do I contact WMPA for help or support?

You can contact us by emailing [email protected]