What to Do If You Find a Lost Cat or Dog in the UAE
A Guide to Helping

Have you ever found a cat or dog you think may be lost and not known what to do? Being a responsible and compassionate animal lover, your first instinct might be to help but you don’t know how. If you find a cat or dog that appears lost, here’s how to help reunite them with their worried pet parents.

  • Always approach any animal with caution, remember not all dogs and cats are friendly towards strangers, especially if
    they’re scared. You also want to avoid scaring the animal further so move
    slowly and speak in a soothing calm voice. Extend your hand slowly to allow them to sniff you and get familiar with your scent.
  •         Check for a collar, pet ID tag or tag on a harness as this is the easiest, quickest way to identify a lost pet. Dogs often have tags on their collars with the owner’s contact information. If your pet doesn’t have one, check out the importance of having your pet microchipped. 
  •         If you can safely secure the cat or dog, do so. Use a leash for dogs or a cat carrier for cats if available. If the animal resists, try using food as a lure to encourage them to come with you.
  • If the animal isn’t wearing an ID tag, you’ll need to check if the animal has a microchip number by taking them to a nearby vets to scan for a microchip. This is a free service done by all vets. They’ll share the microchip number with other vets to try to find where the chip is registered. If you’re not able to take them to a vet, check in your community and ask if anyone has a microchip reader you can borrow.
  • Microchip numbers are unique to each animal and a way to try to identify their owners. However, with no central microchip database in the UAE, you’ll need to send out an email to all vets and the relative government authority (Dubai Municipality for Dubai residents) to try and locate their owners. Ask the vets to help you with this. You can also email or contact Where My Paws At to check our database too.
  •        Use the power of social media and Where My Paws
    At to help spread the word about the cat or dog you’ve found. With so many Facebook pages for animals in the UAE, it’s hard to know where to start, so I’d suggest with the relevant community pages of where you’ve found the animal. Our new FREE FOUND feature on our website lets you create a Found Flyer to share on social media and WhatsApp groups or print off to hand out in local communities. This poster will remain on our website until we are notified the owners have been found.
  •     Whilst you’re waiting for the owner to be found, if possible, provide care to the lost animal. Ensure they have access to clean water and food and a safe place to rest.
  • It’s natural to become attached to the lost cat or dog you’ve found, but please remember they may have a worried owner searching for them and it could take some time to find them.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Above are a few easy steps to follow to try and help a lost pet with their owner. Where My Paws At is continually looking at ways to further develop our pet safety app and products, to make sure we help you keep your pets as safe as possible.

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How Where My Paws At’s smart technology services can help

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