Is Your Pet Microchipped?

I’m a pet parent living with my dogs and cats in the UAE. It’s required by law to have your dog or cat microchipped. At some point, being an expat, I’ll move on to a different country. Without our fur kids having a chip registration, we won’t be able to relocate them.

What Is a Pet Microchip?

Microchipping your dog or cat can be done by any vet. It involves a tiny rice-sized microchip implanted under your pet’s skin, usually between their shoulder blades. This normally doesn’t cause any pain for your pet but may cause a little discomfort for a short time. This chip contains a unique identification number that can be scanned by a handheld device (microchip scanner). This unique number can help reunite you with your lost dog or cat and help if your pet is stolen. If your pet is microchipped, your information is usually stored with your registered vet and the municipality (check if this applies in your Emirate).

The Cost and Benefits

Getting a cat microchipped or a dog is relatively inexpensive and is done by your preferred vet. The chip acts as proof of ownership should someone find your missing cat or dog. Reuniting lost kitties and lost dogs helps reduce the stray population and animals suffering needlessly on the streets. It also reduces the risk of your pet being euthanised should it be trapped by pest control or taken to a kill shelter and is not claimed (usually within eight days, sometimes less).

Concerns About Microchipping Your Pet

Unfortunately, when writing this blog, we don’t have a national microchip database in the UAE.

There’s an alarming number of lost and found pets in the UAE, and even with your pet microchipped, it isn’t a guaranteed way to find your pet. You’ll also need to remember to update your information when you move your address or change contact details.

Responsible Pet Ownership

While microchipping is an essential part of responsible pet ownership, it’s not a standalone solution. Here are some tips and advice that we think should accompany microchipping:

Regular vet check-ups – keep your pet’s information updated in whichever database your vet uses and visit for routine check-ups to ensure your pet’s overall health.

Collars and ID tags – even our indoor cats wear collars and pet ID tags (yes, our Where My Paws At Smart Tags). These provide an additional layer of identification and protection and can help a good Samaritan return your pet promptly.

Dog training and socialisation – proper dog training and socialisation can prevent your dog from running off and getting lost.

Secure fencing and wearing a leash – ensure your home and garden are secure with proper fencing, and always have your dog on a lead when walking them in a public area.

How Where My Paws At’s smart technology services can help

Where My Paws At is designed to help pet parents. We act as a central microchip database in the UAE to help reunite lost and found pets in all seven Emirates. Our lost pet app is much more than a microchip database, and it’s super easy to update. We’re giving pet parents a free app to register your cats and dogs in the UAE, which registered vets, rescuers, and charities use to help identify your pet. Our lost and found alerts and missing pet flyers immediately notify our pet community and let them know your pet is lost. Our smart pet tags give you additional peace of mind and use geotagging, which means you’ll get an instant alert with their exact location when the tag is scanned.

Our super smart but simple technology helps protect your pets. We’re building a pet-loving community to help keep your pets safer. We’re the first and only pet safety app in the UAE, making us number 1 for pet safety.

Learn more about how our app works and the benefits of our smart pet tag.