Where My Paws At: A Pawsome 2023 Year in Review

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As we come to the end of 2023, it’s time to reflect on the amazing journey we’ve had at Where My Paws At. From the heart of Dubai, we embarked on a mission to redefine pet safety and create a close-knit community that cares for our furry friends and paw pals. In just under 12 months we have over 1,100 pet parents in the UAE using our app and nearly 3,000 people in our social media community. We won Best Home Grown Business 2023 with That Dubai Girl and came runner up for Favourite Newcomer with the Pet Industry Awards. We’ve had numerous articles written about us and had the pleasure of being invited onto Dubai Eye with the amazing Helen Farmer. We’ve achieved all of this in just 10 months!

We’ve helped reunite over 50 pets since launching in February, we’re protecting over 500 dogs and cats with our smart pet tags, and we have created a central place for people to come together to support each other in their time of need. 

I am immensely proud of our community and what we’ve achieved in 2023 – thank you!

Here’s a glimpse into the highlights of our unforgettable year:

Launching the First and Only Pet Safety App in the UAE

In February 2023, Where My Paws At catapulted into the pet world by introducing the UAE’s first-ever pet safety app. Designed and developed by pet parents for pet parents, our app is a testament to the commitment we have towards ensuring the well-being of our beloved four-legged companions and paw pals.

A Community That Cares

At the core of our app is a pet-loving community where people come together to support one another in times of need. Whether your pet is lost or you’ve found a wandering cat or dog, our community rallies to the cause. The app facilitates instant lost alerts and celebrates found alerts, fostering a sense of togetherness among pet owners. 

What we've developed in 2023!

Personalised Missing Flyers

We understand the anxiety that comes with a missing pet. To help ease the process, our app allows you to create personalised missing pet flyers that can be shared seamlessly on social media, WhatsApp, email and even in print.

Central Microchip Platform

If your pet is microchipped, to further enhance the safety net for pets, our app serves as a central microchip platform utilised by registered vets and rescuers. This ensures a streamlined process in case your pet is ever in need of medical attention or rescue.

Smart Pet Tags – OG Tag and SO Smart Tag

This year we saw the launch of not one but two smart pet tags, our OG Tag and our newest SO Smart Tag that slides onto your pet’s collar or harness. The best thing about our tags, is that they link directly to your pet’s profile and anyone with a camera phone can scan them, helping to reunite you with your pet in less than a few seconds.

Pet Partners

I want to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing pet partners that have supported me in 2023. We believe in making pet ownership more affordable. With our exclusive discounts, we get to help pet parents save money on a variety of pet-related products and services. 

Looking ahead to 2024...

We’ve achieved so much this year and we’ve not even celebrated our first year of Where My Paws At yet. In the coming year, we’re dedicated to developing our app further, introducing new pet safety products, and growing our pet-loving community. We will be collaborating with community management companies and aim to strategies pet safety in diverse communities across Dubai and the UAE. Our ultimate goal is to help protect as many pets as possible and continue to grow our community, making Where My Paws At the go-to destination for pet safety in the UAE.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our growing community of pet lovers. You have made 2023 an exceptional year and I can’t wait to make 2024 even more pawsome!

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