Safeguarding Your Pets in the UAE

As pet parents we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help keep our pets safe. When we welcome a new furry member into our family, we commit to doing everything possible to make sure they’re cared for, loved and protected. 

If you’re a first time pet parent, or new to the UAE, here’s some tips and tricks you should know about being a dog/cat parent in the UAE. 

Microchipping your cats and dogs - it's the law in the UAE!

Microchipping your dogs and cats is compulsory in the UAE, yet we come across so many lost and found pets in the UAE that aren’t chipped. A microchip acts as proof of ownership and is a form of identification when registering with vets, the municipalities and is also required in your pet’s passport. 

What is a pet microchip and how does it work?

A microchip is a tiny rice-sized chip implanted under your pet’s skin, using a small injection between their shoulder blades. This is done by a qualified vet and doesn’t cause any pain for your furry friend. The microchip contains a unique identification number which is registered to you, to prove proof of ownership and to help identify your pet should they become lost or stolen. Your microchip number should be registered with the relevant municipality and your registered vet, and it’s important to remember that you have to update this information should you change your contact number and/or address. THIS IS NOT DONE AUTOMATICALLY.


The cost and benefits of microchipping your pet

Getting your pet microchipped is inexpensive and is done by your preferred vet. The chip acts as proof of ownership should someone find your missing cat or dog. 

Unfortunately, when writing this blog, we don’t have a national microchip database in the UAE. However, if you have registered your pet’s microchip with the municipality and/or with us, the likelihood of identifying your pet is increased significantly. 

We see so many animals up for adoption, who have either been abandoned or have become lost and owners information can’t be found. Don’t let your fur kid be another statistic. 

There’s an alarming number of lost and found pets in the UAE. Reuniting lost cats and lost dogs helps reduce the stray population and animals suffering needlessly on the streets.

Pet ID Tags - the easiest way to identify your pet!

The easiest way for someone to identify your cat or dog is checking their ID tag worn on a pet collar. It takes someone less than 30 seconds to find your pet’s information and your contact details.

By not putting an ID tag on your pet, you are gambling with your pet’s safety. You are relying on someone to know about microchips! You’re relying on a stranger to take your fur kid to a vet to check for a microchip. Without a pet tag, you’re putting trust into someone else to do the right thing. You are trusting they will know what to do and where to take them. What if they don’t know what a microchip is? What if they don’t have transport? What if there isn’t a vet close to them that’s open? What’s the solution? A PET ID TAG! 

A pet ID tag is more than just a pet accessory, it’s something that can be worn at all times, regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet! This little accessory could be the difference between never being reunited with your pet, or being reunited with your pet quickly and efficiently.  

To find out more about our smart pet tags click HERE

1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime!

I have lost count the amount of times I’ve heard ‘it won’t happen to me’ , ‘my cat doesn’t go outside’, ‘my dog has excellent recall’, ‘my dog is trained’, ‘I never let my dog out of my sight’. 

GUESS WHAT? I said exactly the same thing before we lost our indoor cat Moo! I was that person who said ‘I will never lose my cat, he’s an indoor cat’. For 3 days and 3 nights we looked everywhere for him. He was microchipped but didn’t wear an ID tag. There was no central microchip database in the UAE (there still isn’t), no pet safety app or website, no lost and found pet databases, just social media!

We were looking for a needle in a haystack and my heart was breaking. I couldn’t sleep at the thought of him being alone, scared, hungry, thirsty and in the summer heat. 

We were extremely lucky to find him and we were even luckier to live in a community that had cat carers that helped us look for him every night! 

This is why Where My Paws At exists – because of our experience and because of Moo! We’ve built the first and only pet safety app in the UAE that lets you send out INSTANT LOST ALERTS to our app community, create automated personalised missing pet posters, and acts as a central microchip platform used by registered vets, rescuers and charities. We use smart but simple technology to help protect your pets, and registration is FREE for all dog and cat owners in the UAE. Our community is growing every day and we have thousands of pet parents using our app. To find out more and how to register for FREE, click HERE.

Pet proof your garden and your home!

It sounds like common sense right? Well, we have an Arabian Mau that can open our front and back doors so we ALWAYS keep our doors locked. All three of our cats are indoor cats, but as you know if you’re still reading this, it didn’t stop us from losing Moo. Accidents happen and doors are not always shut. 

Cats by nature are curious creatures, and given the opportunity, will go off exploring. Cats don’t tend to wander too far (but they can be at risk of being trapped by pest control). Always make sure that windows and doors are closed if you don’t want your cat to go off exploring. Never leave your cat unattended on a balcony – accidents happen – just ask your vet how common this is. If your cat is an outdoor cat, always make sure they are wearing some form of identification on a suitable collar for outdoor use. If your cat is prone to losing their collars, replace them!  

Some dogs are escape artists, they spot and opportunity and run. Lola and Frank are well trained not to run through the front or back door without being called, however, we still don’t take any chances. They always wear a collar and ID tag, even in the house AT ALL TIMES. Call me paranoid, but I see how many pets go missing on a daily basis.

Registering your pet could save their life

Each Emirate has their own way of managing pet microchip registration. Speaking from experience and living in Dubai, cats and dogs should be registered with Dubai Municipality. This is not always done automatically with your annual vaccinations or DM tag registration with your vet. If you are in doubt, please check with your vet and ask if they have registered them with the municipality. If they are not registered, you can do this by visiting the municipality with your pet’s vaccination details and microchip number (pet passport). 

Where My Paws At is also a free pet safety app which allows you to create pet profiles, including details like your pet’s microchip number, DM tag number, registered vets and other important information to help identify your pet. It’s used by registered vets, charities and rescuers who have approved access to search for microchip numbers instantly – all on one app. If you are a rescuer, vet or charity and still don’t have access, please get in touch HERE.

How Where My Paws At’s smart technology services help not just in your time of need!

Where My Paws At is designed for pet parents, not just in their time of need, but a must have for every day life. We’re building a pet loving community like no other!

We are more than a microchip database in the UAE, we help reunite lost and found pets in all seven Emirates. We’re giving pet parents a free pet safety app for cats and dogs, which registered vets, rescuers, and charities use to help identify your pet and reunite you. Our lost and found alerts and missing pet flyers immediately notify our pet community and let them know your pet is lost. Our smart pet tags give you additional peace of mind and use geotagging, which means you’ll get an instant alert with their exact location when your tag is scanned.

We know it’s expensive being a pet parent, so we’ve included pet discounts on all things pet related. Save money every month on grooming, pet accessories, pet supplies, pet friendly cafes and so much more!

Our super smart but simple technology helps protect your pets. We’re building a pet-loving community to help keep your pets safer. We’re the first and only pet safety app in the UAE, making us number 1 for pet safety.

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