It’s Our Responsibility!

microchipped dog

Did you know it’s the law in the UAE to have your dog on a lead at all times in a public place? This may be common sense to many, but to some, this isn’t acknowledged, and the consequences can be heartbreaking.

Noodle’s story is and has left her parent devastated. I’ve been asked to share her story to educate others and to help prevent this from happening again.

Noodles the Cavapoo and her parent went for their usual morning walk in Dubai. Not long into their walk, a large dog came running towards them from behind. He was off the lead and uncontrolled by their owner. Noodle’s pet parent acted quickly and pulled Noodles towards her, but the charging dog was too fast. The dog lunged at Noodles and grabbed her, not letting go of his grip and her. The owner came running over, but the dog wouldn’t release Noodles despite several attempts. Devastatingly, Noodles didn’t survive this terrible attack and police investigations are ongoing. 

As pet parents, we’re responsible for the behaviour of our dogs. Much like children, our pets have different personalities and need love, training, and guidance. They need to be socialised at an early age to learn how to interact with one another. Early interactions could help highlight behavioural issues and identify further training that’s needed. There are some great dog trainers and behaviourists in the UAE, so please research if you need help.  

We have a responsibility not only to our own dogs but to others, to be responsible pet parents and to follow the laws in the Country we live in. If your dog is reactive to others, please make sure you take the necessary measures to protect other pets and your own.

Thank you to Noodles parent for sharing her story with me. I hope that her loss will raise awareness and help educate others.

In memory of Noodles x



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