In Memory of the Al Falah Cats

The recent events that have unfolded over the last ten days in Abu Dhabi has shocked many. We’ve seen the tragedy unfold for the Al Falah Cats. This is being heavily reported by the media thankfully, but unfortunately, the dumping and ‘relocating’ of animals is not something that’s new in any emirate.

Rescuers have worked tirelessly in Al Falah to retrieve the surviving cats, and the painstaking task of trying to identify the living and deceased cats is ongoing. The true number of cats is still yet to be determined but rescuers believe this is in the hundreds. We are now waiting for justice for these cats and for the people and organisations responsible to be punished.

It’s taken a community of pet loving people to come together individual rescuers, vets, charities and volunteers, uniting to save the surviving souls and for that, we’re all so grateful. If you would like to know more about adopting or helping any of the surviving cats, please contact Mike’s Vets Dubai or Ruffpawz.

Ever since launching Where My Paws At in March this year, I’ve been exposed to things I wished I’d never seen. I’ve not wanted to or been comfortable using the disturbing information I’m shown to highlight the importance of our app and why it’s so important to protect your pet. I often hear it ‘won’t happen to me’ – and I hope it never does.

Microchipping your pet doesn’t guarantee your pet’s safety, but it does help when used properly. With NO central microchip database in the UAE, tracing your pet through a microchip alone can be disjointed, especially if your vet (or you) hasn’t registered it with the relevant authorities.

Our free app helps with this and acts as a FREE central microchip platform used by registered vets, rescuers and charities. BUT we’re so much more than a microchip database.

Where My Paws At is a smart but simple pet monitor app that sends out instant lost alerts notifying our community reaching a 50K radius from where your pet is marked as missing. We notify vets in your area, generate a personalised missing pet flyer for you to share, and when a pet is found, EVERY user gets notified.

Being a pet parent to 5 fur kids, I decided to include pet discounts on the app to help our community save money, too.

Our premium safety and savings plan costs less than a medium-sized vanilla latte, and you can subscribe for just 25 AED a month or, use our free plan.

Then there are our tags! A pet tag is the easiest way to identify your pet. Ours link to the app, and anyone with a camera phone can scan it. As soon as it’s scanned, you get the location sent to you on the app.

You can find out more about who I am and what I stand for, what I’m trying to achieve with Where My Paws At, and more about my commitment to animal welfare in Dubai and the UAE, starting with our recently launched #NeuterNovember campaign.

Dedicated to the cats in Al Falah. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.