Keeping Your Paws Safe, With Our Smart Tags For Pets!

AED 100.00

Our smart tags for pets use passive GPS and geolocation technology to help track your pet. Our ID tags are the easiest way to identify your pet if they go missing. Order your cat and dog tags online with us today!


How our smart Tags for pets work

These aren’t just your normal pet name and number tag. Each smart tag has a unique QR code that links to your pet’s profile on our app.

This stores important information such as the pets name, breed, colour, unique markings, personality traits, registered vets, as well as other details to help reunite you back with your pet quickly.

You can edit your pet profile through our app to update your details when you change address or mobile number – it’s that easy.

Want to protect your paws today?

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Where My Paws At uses geolocation technology or geotagging that notifies you of your pets exact GPS location when your smart tag is scanned.

You’ll receive in-app notifications and emails with this information – how smart is that!


  • Lightweight, suitable for large, medium & small, cats and dogs
  • Hard-wearing & waterproof
  • Unique scannable QR code on the back of your smart tag that links to your pet’s profile on our app
  • Two free months to our premium features which include community alerts, missing pet flyer generator and savings with our pet partner discounts
  • Passive GPS / Geolocation
  • Become part of our pet community and central microchip platform
  • Update your details through our app when you move house or change your mobile number – it’s that easy!
  • No subscription or batteries needed

PROTECT YOUR PAWS WITH our smart pet tracking devices today!

We know your pet is important to you, our smart pet tracking devices will help protect your pets should the worst happen.

We’re a Dubai born business, built by pet parents for pet parents, so we understand how much your furry kids mean to you.

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If you have any more queries about our smart tags or our pet safety app, check out our customers FAQs.