Have you lost your pet in the UAE?
Where My Paws At’s smart technology is here to help!

Yes, sadly I lost my cat Moo in Dubai a number of years ago. It was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced, but luckily, I found him 3 days later, a little scarred but safe.

I thought it would never happen to me. I’m a paranoid pet parent. I never leave doors open; my cats never go out and I never let my dogs off their lead. I take every precaution to make sure I’m the best fur mum I can be, but we’re only human and accidents happen – and in the case of Moo, he got out of a door that was accidentally left open by visitors.

Lost and found pets in the UAE

The sad reality is pets go missing every day in the UAE. We don’t know the exact numbers yet; however, we see an alarming amount of social media posts about lost and found pets in Dubai and other Emirates. I hope this never happens to you, but if it does, what I’m about to tell you could help in your time of need.

If you didn’t know already, every dog and cat in the UAE is required to be microchipped. Your microchip number should be registered to the relevant municipality in the Emirate you’re living in. 

Please know that registering your microchip with a vet isn’t a guarantee in protecting your pet should they go missing. Your pet may be registered with the vet, however, not automatically registered with the municipality. This is something I’d recommend checking with your vet as soon as possible.

If your pet isn’t microchipped, don’t worry, we can still help you!

Find my pet UAE

When a pet goes missing, the first few minutes / hours are critical, especially during the summer months in the UAE. The easiest way to remember what steps to take is S.P.A.C.E (Search, Pet Poster, Alert the community, Contact the vets and municipality, Educate others).

As soon as you realise your pet is missing, start the search. In my experience cats rarely wonder too far, and in most cases are closer than you think. If you’re able to, put your cat’s litter outside your home, their scent will help them find their way back. Check with neighbours, in gardens, garages, bushes and any construction areas near where your cat is lost. Search for them first thing in a morning and when it is dark in the evening. Take a torch or flash light out with you. Cast’s eyes reflect in the light and are easier to spot if they are hiding. 

Dogs can cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time. Check with neighbours, check bushes, check derelict areas and keep searching. If you are able to, as soon as possible, arrange a search party with as many people as possible so you can cover more distance.

Create a pet poster with important information including date and time they went missing, community and city they’re missing in, the last 4 digits of their microchip number, your contact details and any reward offered. 

Share this information with as many people as you can – alert your community through social media platforms, WhatsApp groups, print out flyers to put in local shops and hand to security guards and any workers in your area. 

Next contact the municipality and the vets. As there’s no central platform for microchips in the UAE, you’ll need to contact them individually via email or by calling into the veterinary clinics with your pet poster.

How Where My Paws At’s Pet Safety app can help

Our app has been designed and developed in Dubai by pet parents that have been through losing a pet, to help you in your time of need. We’ve taken additional stresses away to help you if your pet is lost. To get started, download our app and register your pet for FREE.

When you mark your pet as missing on the app you can: 

* Create your personalised missing pet poster in less than a minute. This poster captures important information like the last 4 digits of your microchip number, your pet’s lost location, date and your contact details, as well as their picture. You can then download and share this with social media and print off.

* Send out an instant lost alert to our WMPA community. With over 1,200 pet parents registered, your missing pet alert will be seen by our app community, within a 50KM radius of where your pet has been marked as lost.

* We send your missing pet poster to our network of vets, rescuers and charities to ensure as many people know your pet is missing.

* Your missing pet poster is shared on our social media platforms, as well as shared on our LOST PET page on our website.

* We contact you personally and offer support and guidance.

Our WMPA community is growing every day, covering all seven Emirates. Since launching in February 2023, we have helped re-unite over 60 pets.  

Please remember, the easiest way for someone to identify your dog or cat is a pet ID tag. Without a pet ID tag, you’re putting your pet at risk. You’re relying on another person to go out of their way to try and identify your dog or cat. They will have to try and identify your pet through their microchip which can be tricky, especially if they’re not able to take your pet to a vet or they don’t have access to a microchip scanner. 

We’re building a safer community using smart technology, keeping your paws safe! Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your pet for free with our app and smart pet tags in the UAE.

If you have any questions about the smart technology services we provide at Where My Paws At, then feel free to get in touch with us today!