Can you put a price on love? Where My Paws At explains the cost of pet care in the UAE

My pet care story

Can you put a price on love? Well, yes and no! Caring for your fur kids can be expensive. It’s a lifelong commitment and unexpected costs happen. With a lifetime of research, planning and savings, I’m sharing my experience and the costs of being a pet momma to five!

Over the last few months Little P and Moo have seen the vet on a few different occasions. Thankfully I had the money to treat them. However, without forward planning for such ‘emergencies’ I could have struggled to pay their vet bills.

Before I became a Dubai pet parent and decided to adopt my first fur kid, for six months I saved money to help prepare for vet bills, relocation costs (should I need to leave the UAE) and food. As an expat time here is not guaranteed and without work and a visa, a furry companion comes with additional responsibilities to relocate them whenever you leave Dubai.

Our fur family grew and soon became three. A sudden relocation in 2017 meant we needed funds to fly our fur kids to our next destination. This cost just under 10,000 AED to fly two dogs and a cat to Qatar. Then just 18 months later in 2019 our expat journey changed again, except this time we were flying two dogs and two cats back to Dubai, at a cost of just under 20,000 AED.

Fast forward to 2023, we now have another little furry feline in our family and our monthly outgoings have increased.

Pet care cost

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a pet parent for the first time or you want to manage your pet funds better, here’s some information and advice that may help you.

My monthly budget for the fur execs (two dogs and three cats):

  • Food expenses (wet & dry food) – 1,125 AED
  • Treats – 250 AED
  • Grooming – 250 AED
  • Saving for vet funds – 500 AED
  • Saving for relocation funds – 1,000 AED
  • Saving for emergency funds – 500 AED


The cost and commitment of love:

  1. Will you commit to saving money each month specifically for your pet’s care and health?
  2. Will you commit to relocating your pet/pets with you if you leave the UAE?
  3. Are you prepared to budget for vet bills and emergencies?
  4. Are you ready to budget for daycare/pet sitting or boarding when you travel or go on holiday?

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