Becoming a foster mum to a rescue cat - Little P

Have you ever considered fostering or adopting a dog or cat?

There’re so many animals in shelters all over the UAE waiting for their chance of happiness. Charities and rescue organisations rely on prospect pet parents in order to continue their work and help the endless number of animals in need.

I met with RAKAWC a few months ago and was saddened to see the reality of how many cats and dogs are in their shelter. However, I was in awe of their amazing facilities, their team, and their dedication towards these animals.

Providing cat care

It was there I met Little P. A dumped little dirty cat whose story like most of the animals in there, pulled at my heart strings. Driving back to Dubai, her little sad face was all I could think about. After a discussion with Nick, we decided to try and help one more and become foster parents.

Little P wasn’t in full health when she came to us. She had a skin infection, ringworm and ear mites, meaning she needed to be quarantined from our other fur kids.

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and she would need time to heal, time to trust, and time to feel safe and loved. I knew from the moment we got her home, I wanted to be her full-time mum!

Fast forward to today, Little P still isn’t fully recovered but she’s on her way. Although we’ve taken every precaution to keep her separate from our other kids, we haven’t managed to keep the ringworm contained.

Nick, the fur kids and I have all caught it. With some cream, medicated baths for the fur kids and tablets for us, it’s easy enough to manage and isn’t painful.

Adopting a rescue pet in the UAE

If you’re considering bringing another fur kid into your family, or if you’re a first-time fur parent, please consider fostering or adopting from a shelter first. There are so many different breeds, shapes, and sizes that all require the same thing – love and a safe place to call home.

Below are just a handful of places that you can foster or adopt from:

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